Earliest Hotels

Larger taverns offer rooms for tourists and travelers especially in the county seats housing the county court. The upscale taverns come with a lounge and a big fireplace in it. A bar on one side can also be seen as well as many chairs, benches and quite a few dining tables. Best houses have separate parlor for the ladies, good cooking, affordable landlord, roomy and soft beds, fires in every room during cold weather and more.


Taverns are essential for the colonial Americans most especially in the south. In taverns, colonists learned current prices of crops, heard newspapers being read aloud, arranged trades, discovered profitable business opportunities and even placed a bet for the upcoming horse race. For majority of rural Americans, tavern was considered the major link into the greater world and plays a role much similar to city marketplace in Latin America and Europe.

Tavern games and leisure hours are often provided with billiard tables. Horse races usually start and end in taverns and cockfights were also popular. When politics are in season or there is a country court meeting, taverns are filled with political talks. Taverns served many functions in Southern colonial frontier.


In colonial era, three fourths of taverns are operated and managed by children most especially the widows. The local magistrates who grant license before taverns are allowed to operate, mostly prefer widows who knew about the business.

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Taverns are also used as meeting places and community centers. In the rural communities, taverns are highly essential public space. These provide the community not just meeting places, but also places where individuals can do business. Many taverns also function as a polling place or post office. There are plenty of things about taverns that individuals should know. When you conduct an extensive research about taverns, you will also learn more about the oldest taverns, ethnicity and sexes in tavern and many more.

Colonial America to 1800

Taverns in colonies followed the mother country’s ordinaries. Taverns, alongside inns, are initially known as ordinaries. These are constructed all across New England. These were influential in the widespread developments of newest settlements which serve as gathering places for communities. Taverns here are known to serve various purposes such as religious meetings, courtrooms, inns, convenience stores, post offices and trading posts.

Taverns in south and north are dissimilar in terms of uses unlike England’s central tavern. The ones found in the south are closer to frontiers and are used as trading posts and inns from those individuals headed to strange places to settle. The many functions of pub houses were imperative in frontier communities where all other communities are weak.

Taverns were under the supervision of county officials who understand and recognize the essential need for taverns and the need to ideally maintain order and minimize drunkenness and if possible, avoid this on Sundays. Part of this is also to establish responsibilities among tavern keepers. When the profit increases, tavern keepers started to improve their homeland as well as the use of breweries and taverns. The original tavern structure was log cabins, commonly one storey with half high having two rooms in every floor.

Great Britain

The term “tavern” is not in popular use anymore in UK for there is really no distinction between an inn and a tavern. Both establishments serve beer and wine. If you are in a tavern in England alone, you are likely to appear as a prostitute in the eyes of public. Taverns are mainly utilized for special social gatherings where individuals gather together to exchange conversations. In England, although social class has given duties in all taverns and even though these are considered social places for all, separation of the social class started to be seen in England taverns.


A typical German term for a German pub or tavern is Kneipe. In the 16th century in Augsburg Germany, it was suggested that drinking practices must carefully follow structured cultural norms. Drinking is not really a sign of disorder or insecurity, but rather enhances and defines the social status of men as they are living up to both the norms and rule of the tavern society and the demands of their respective roles as householders.

Tavern doors are closed to decent women who are not accompanied by their husband. Aside from this, the society used to condemn women’s drunkenness. However, when excessive alcohol drinking interferes with households, women can execute public power imposing limits on the drinking behavior of men.


The only spots for common individuals to eat out until the 18th century were taverns and inns. When taxes on alcoholic beverages increase and become burdensome, tavern keepers and wine growers hid wines and then falsified their process of selling in order to take advantage of reduced tax rates. Nestled in the center of the village or country town, tavern is one of the old centers of political and social life before the year 1789. This also has become the meeting place for both travelers and local population passing through and a refuge for scoundrels.


“Wowser is a negative tern for the Christian moralists in Australia. Stuart Macintyre, a historian arguing that achievements of wowsers were quite impressive. They have passed laws restricting juvenile smoking, obscenity and limiting gambling on many pubs. In 1915 to 1916, they have implemented a 6 pm closing hour for these pubs and this lasted for several decades.


Tavern pertains to a place of business where individuals gather together to drink alcoholic beverages and be served with foods. Tavern is also a place where travelers receive exclusive lodging. A tavern with a license to put up visitors or guests as lodgers is referred to as inn. The term tavern is originally derived from the Latin word “taberna” which originally means, stall, pub, workshop or shed.

On English language, tavern was an establishment that served wines while an inn usually served ale and beer. The words inn and tavern have become synonymous and interchangeable. In England, inns began to be called as public pubs or houses and these terms became the standard for drinking houses.